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Bring your ideas to life and create the future with our world-class 3D printing solutions.

About Us

3D Best Connect, One for All 3D printing service, fulfill all your need in no time!

3D Best Connect, provides the most advanced MJP, SLA, SLM, and SLS 3D Print Services, to cater your various digital manufacturing needs. We strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction by providing the print models in a wide variety of materials. Our mission is to make 3D printing easy for everyone, especially in the Automotive, Electronic, Consumer and Jewelry Industries.

We have also been cooperating closely with various 3D printer and scanner manufacturers to utilize the most advanced support to our customers.

3D Best Connect, Best for you to connect all the leading trends of 3D printing industries!

3D Printers

Plastic 3D Printer

Solutions for Prototyping to Production in Plastics

Jewelry 3D Printer

Digital Solutions for Jewelry Casting, Patterns, Master Patterns for Molds, and Prototype/Fit Check Models

Dental 3D Printer

A Compact Solution for Your Clinic

3D Scanners

FreeScan UE

Blue Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

FreeScan UE Pro

Multi-Functional Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

OptimScan-5M Plus Metrology 3D Scanner

High-Precision 3D Inspection system

Our Services

Wax Printing Service

High productivity printing for 100% wax jewelry casting patterns

3D Scanning Service

High accuracy and high resolution 3D scanning suitable for large sculptures, automotive parts, etc.


For Your Digital End-to-End Manufacturing Workflow

Haptic Devices

From physical, to digital, to physical—we deliver haptic devices that allow a realistic touch of the digital world

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